If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 01270 820 426 or get answers to some common questions below…

  • Simply give us a call on 01270 820426 and speak to a member of our team who can process your order or alternatively complete the online contact form and a highly trained member of our team will call you back.

  • The size of the skip required all depends on the project being undertaken.

    We have 3 main skip sizes which are:

    • 3t mini skip holds approximately 25-35 black bin bags. This skip is ideal for small amounts of household or garden waste and will hold up to 3 tonnes of inert materials (soil, clay etc)
    • 5t midi skip holds approximately 35-45 black bin bags. This skip is ideal for household clearances and for medium size garden projects. It is also commonly used for bathrooms and kitchen refits and will hold up to 5 tonnes of inert materials (soil, clay etc). This skip size is approximately half the size of the builders skip.
    • 8t maxi skip (builders skip) holds approximately 70-90 black bin bags. This skip size is the most popular size skip we hire out. It is most commonly used for larger domestic renovations and hired out to the building trade. It will hold up to 8 tonnes of inert materials (soil, clay etc) and this is the biggest skip that is available for heavy materials.
    • 12/14/16 yd skips are only for light/bulky waste and are ideal for house or office clearances.

    If you are still unsure of what skip to get please phone our office on 01270 820426 where a member of our team will advise you in more depth.

  • We will endeavor to get the skip out to you on the same day or if this is not possible the next day. If you do require the skip to be dropped off at a certain time it is best that you give us as much notice as possible. Enviro Skip Hire Ltd will always try and comply with your requirements.

  • You can either pay by credit/debit card when placing the order for the skip or alternatively you can give the driver cash or cheque when the skip is dropped off. Please note all skips must be paid for at the time the skip is dropped off not when it is collected.

  • You can’t skip anything hazardous and harmful, or anything that compromises health and safety. That may seem obvious, but there are some prohibited items which you might not have considered. The list comprises, but is not limited to:

    • Fridges/Freezers
    • Tyres
    • Gas Bottles/Canisters
    • Oil
    • Liquid and Clinical Waste
    • Asbestos (Separate skip required to place asbestos into, Enviro Skip Hire Ltd are licensed to arrange the disposal and transportation of asbestos)

    If you do have any of the above types of waste please give Enviro Skip Hire Ltd a call and we can arrange a specialised collection service to comply with current legislation. See our Hazardous Waste section.

    Please note all skips should be level fill and filled no higher than the height of the side of the skip. All our lorries do carry nets however it is at the drivers discretion to collect any skips that are overloaded as they can be prosecuted for loosing any part of their loads or transporting overweight skips.

  • Skips can be placed anywhere on private property. If a skip is needed to be placed on public property (highway, verge or footpath) a permit is required. Please note permits are non-refundable and skips placed on private property are done so at the customers own risk.

  • A permit or license is required if the skip is to be placed on public land which includes highways, footpaths, verges and council property. Enviro Skip Hire Ltd work closely with local authorities in Cheshire and Staffordshire and will arrange and process all permit applications on your request. If by any chance the local authority will not allow a skip at your address Enviro Skip Hire Ltd can offer a Wait and Load service. Please phone Enviro Skip Hire Ltd for more details.

  • Please phone Enviro Skip Hire Ltd on 01270 820426 and a member of our team will discuss and advise you the best possible way to dispose of any hazardous waste legally and professionally.

  • All skips are taken back to one of our fully licensed transfer stations where over 90% of the waste is processed and segregated to ensure that the maximum amount of waste is recycled and reused.



Over 90% of your waste is recovered & reused