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Terms & Conditions

  1. For the purposes of these conditions: “Carrier” means; “Customer/Producer” means the person named as such on the completed online application form.
  2. The hiring of the skip will commence on the date and time of delivery to the address provided at the time of booking.
  3. The hiring charge will continue to be chargeable until the Customer/Producer has complied with all terms of the hire.
  4. Payment shall be due on or before delivery for non-account customers and 30 days from invoice for all account customers unless previously arranged.
  5. The carrier warrants that where the skip is to be positioned on private property, all such permissions as are necessary for access to the site and depositing of the skip at that site have been obtained and will continue at all times throughout the hiring, providing we act with reasonable care and skill and are not negligent we will not accept liability for loss or damage suffered by the customer.
  6. Access to where the skip is to be delivered/collected must be free from obstruction, i.e. trees, low wires etc. In the event that the Customer/Producer orders the vehicle to enter the property they do so entirely at their own risk and against the advice of Enviro Skip Hire. Providing that we act with reasonable care and skill and are not negligent we will not accept liability for loss and damage suffered by the customer.
  7. Pavements, driveways and manhole covers etc./ may not be constructed to carry the weight of a heavy vehicle. In the event of the Customer/Producer ordering the vehicle off the public highway they accept full responsibility for any damage which may be caused. We will not accept liability for loss or damage suffered by the customer.
  8. The Customer/Producer must:
  9. Not light fires in the skip; (b) Not overload the skip beyond the sides of the skip (overloaded skips will not be removed); (c) Not board up the skip; (d) Not re-site the skip unless required to do so by a Constable of the Highway Authority; ( e ) Notify the Carrier as soon as the skip is filled; (f) Not remove or interfere with any identification mark on the skip (g) Immediately notify the Carrier of any accident or damage to or involving the skip.
  10. Where the skip has been replaced on the Highway, the Customer/producer must:
  11. Guard the skip at all times with traffic cones placed in an oblique line; (b) Place light and maintain the lamps, attached to the skip, and the cones, from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise; (c) Ensure that the Highway is left clean, tidy and free from debris.
  12. The Customer/Producer shall ensure that the skip is loaded so that:
  13. The contents shall not fall on the Highway, at rest or in transit; (b) Dust will not escape while loading or travelling; (c) No inflammable, explosive, noxious, corrosive or dangerous material or anything which is, or becomes, a nuisance is loaded.
  14. The Customer/Producer warrants to the Carrier that the information provided by the Customer/producer is complete and accurate and the Customer/Producer hereby indemnifies the Carrier against all costs, claims, demand and liabilities in respect of any information which is to prove inaccurate or further indemnifies the Carrier against all fines, penalties and liabilities imposed in the Carrier or arising in respect of any non-compliance or contravention of any law or regulation relating to the skip and its contents together with the costs or expenses relating hereto incurred by the Carrier. The consumer will not be held liable, however, for those costs and expenses if incurred as a result of negligence of the Carrier, his employees or agents.
  15. The Customer/Producer shall be solely responsible for, and hold the Carrier fully indemnified against all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, proceedings, costs and expenses which may be brought against or incurred by the Carrier as a result of any accident involving the skip and its contents (other than damage, death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the Carrier, his employees or agents).
  16. Missing or stolen skips, cones and lamps will be charged at cost of replacement.
  17. Damage to the cost of skips, cones or lamps will be charged at the cost of repair.
  18. All skip sizes are approximate (to manufacturers specifications)
  19. If any driver deems the skip to be dangerous, the excess waste will be removed and left with the Customer/producer.